famous voice-over artist, ex news anchor and the voice of Delhi Metro Shammi Narang interacted with the students of YMCA

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TODAY EXPRESS NEWS : Faridabad, 30 August – The famous voice-over artist, ex news anchor and the voice of Delhi Metro Shammi Narang today interacted with the students of YMCA University at Faridabad and gave necessary tips to the students on how to improve communication skills for success in career.           In the presence of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dinesh Kumar, Shammi Narang, who is YMCA alumnus of 1978 batch, shared the students that how did he get an opportunity to recognize his talent and made it as his career. On this occasion, Mrs. Dolly Narang, the wife of Shammi Narang and a Music Composer, was also present.            It may be noted that Shammi Narang has worked as voice-over artist in many Bollywood movies including ‘Uttejna’, ‘Maqbool’, ‘No One Killed Jessica’, ‘Sarabjit’ and ‘Sultan’. Apart from this, he has also given his voice for Hindi dub of many English movies. Sharing his college days with the students, Shammi said that he was not good at studies during his college days. His number was probably 40th in the number of forty students. In spite of this, he was selected in the best package because of his good Communication Skills. He said that it is not necessary to have a good knowledge to become a good orator, but more important is how clearly and effectively we convey our message to the other end in a summarized way and selection of words also matters, he added. Shammi Narang shared an incident of those days when a sound system was being installed in the auditorium at YMCA College. A foreign Engineer asked Shammi for a sound test to speak a few words on the microphone and he was so impressed by the voice of Shammi that he invited him to give his voice for ‘Voice of America’. After that, he joined Doordarshan. He said that in the 1980s, news on Doordarshan was very popular. Meanwhile, a phone call from the Prime Minister’s Office in Doordarshan that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi wanted her news to be presented only by Shammi Narang. Shammi said, ‘It was a different feeling for me as I had never imagined the career of a ‘Programmer Broadcaster’ and I was new in this area.’ It was the impression of Shammi Narang’s voice that he was only one who selected by the Doordarshan out of 10 thousand people. Shammi said that Delhi Metro has immortalized his voice and as long as the Metro remains in this Country, his voice will also be there. Shammi Narang concluded the program in his own style and gave a message of success in life to the students.  Shammi Narang said, ‘The next station is your desired destination. The gates of happiness will stay open from all sides. It depends on you where you want to go and where you want to de-board.’ (‘अगला स्टेशन अपकी मनचाही मंजिल है। खुशियों के दरवाजे चारों ओर से खुले रहेंगे। ये आप पर निर्भर करता है कि आप कहां उतरना चाहेंगे और कहां चढ़ना चाहेंगे।’) Addressing the program, Prof. Dinesh Kumar said that the talent’s like Shami Narang are the proof that education is not limited to taking degrees, but the important is that how you take inspiration from your life and make a successful career. He also presented a memento to Shami Narang as mark of remembrance. The Induction Program is being conducted under the supervision of Dean Student Welfare Dr. Naresh Chauhan and coordinated by Dr. Sonia Bansal.

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