International Punjab Forum meeting held by Raju Chadha to discuss Sikh Reforms!


TODAY EXPRESS NEWS ( Ajay verma ) The Wave Cinema Chairman, Dr. Raju Chadha graced a meeting of ‘International Punjab Forums’ on Sikh Reforms held today in Delhi. The main motive behind the meeting was to make some major changes in Sikh weddings and other religious ceremonies. The press conference took place at the Hotel Le Meridien, CP.

   For the vital discussion with media, several prominent people were present, which includes Dr. Raju Chadha, (Wave Cinema Chairman), S. Manjit Singh GK (President Gurudwara Management Committee), S. Balbir Singh Kakkar (Secretary General) along with other personalities belongs to Sikh Community. Well again everyone came together to discuss Sikh Reforms and to control the expenditure on Sikh marriages.

   Well, last year to make major changes in Sikh Weddings and other religious ceremonies, one of the top, around five Sikh priests passed a historic resolution, which has a wide impact for the Sikh Community in India and around the World. The resolution passed on December 12, 2016, aims to bring back simplicity into the ceremonies and reduce financial burdens on families.

  So, again this meeting took place to take some important decisions regarding Sikh Reforms, announced for the Sikh Community, along with serious discussions on their marriage rituals. As many people seriously analysed the fact and started accepting it positively. Instead of spending money on wedding cards, people prefer E-Card Invites.

Well, for the same Wave Group Chairman, Dr. Raju Chadha Said, “The members of the panel discussed about Women Empowerment and community should use modern communication methods for the distribution of wedding cards. A lot of time and money is spent by families in distributing the cards door to door to their relatives and friends. This can be simplified if the cards are sent by courier or e-mail or whatsapp messenger. We will also write a letter to Akal Takht, to take some serious steps.”

He further added, “Recently, in the Royal wedding of Prince Harry, it was not church which came to Prince Harry, but he himself went to church and accepted all the wedding rituals, even we should also take care of this and should not disrespect Guru Granth Sahib. No matter whether a person is rich or poor, everyone should come to Gurudwara and follow the respected rituals.”

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