White Hill Music presents ‘Hookah’ track launched by businessman & singer Abhirworld


TODAY EXPRESS NEWS : For all music fans, finally, Hookah is back in a musical version. White Hill Music Present a special Punjabi song ‘Hookah’, sung by very talented artist ‘Abhirworld’. Directed by Shanty Kanwer, lyrics & Music of song Hookah is given by lead singer only. As the details of the peppy track were revealed by Abhirworld in a press conference held at Moonshine Cafe & Bar, Janpath, Delhi.

   While talking to media peeps he revealed few pieces of information about the song and himself. On asking about his interest in music Abhirworld stated, “Well, i haven’t learned music professionally, but I am trying to put my best for this field in future. Rap is a bit easy, so the entire Hookah song is made in rap style. Well, I am a businessman and my interest in music took me here. It was really tough for me, as I am not a professional singer or rapper, even while shooting it took around 10 to 15 takes to give a good shot. It took a good amount of hard work for this song.”

   Further, talking about his business and personal life, he added, “I would like to tell you it is actually tough for me. Apart from this, I am a businessman also, we supply filter parts directly to all the big companies like Mahindra etc. A few years back I started my business with only two people, and after a huge amount of hard work i had a team of around 200 workers, I take care of both the things my business and my musical profession as well, yes it is tough but still, I am working hard for the same. Today I am sitting here in front of you guys to fulfill my dream.”

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