5 Problems Teachers Can Solve Almost Instantly


Today Express News | Ajay Varma | Teachers are undeniably the backbone of education system. They are true role models to children, offer guidance and dedication along with the power of education. Often underestimated as a profession, teaching is not just restricted to conducting lectures. It goes beyond subject matter expertise. Effective teaching is a combination of multitasking and several administrative functions. Therefore, it is necessary for teachers to stay updated on current academic trends and smart ways of teaching, both.

Some of the most common problems that they face are listed below:

● Coping with new online teaching methods:
Hybrid learning is seemingly becoming the new normal. Hence, teachers are required to stay abreast with technological upgrades in teaching methodologies. Many of them struggle to navigate smoothly amidst online classes as they lack the technological support they need.

● Reaching potential students :
Another common issue teachers struggle with is student enrolment. Reaching potential students is a major challenge, be it online or traditional classroom. Word of mouth does help in reaching students but also has its limitations.

● Handling administrative tasks:

Several administrative tasks simultaneously occupy a significant portion of a teachers’ day. Tracking attendance, generating progress reports, parent communication and preparing assessments are some major administrative tasks for a teacher to look after. These administrative tasks cause hindrance for teachers in uninterrupted teaching.

● Finding the right resources and content:
Teachers struggle to find and collate engaging content on a daily basis. With online classes, retaining students’ attention is not easy. If the learning material is monotonous, students may lose focus in the class.

● Monitoring student progress:
It is tedious to monitor individual student progress. There is ample data to handle in the form of progress reports and marksheets. Monitoring student progress requires attention to detail and cannot be taken blithely.

Teachers try to cope with much of these hurdles on a daily basis. This makes it even more important to know how to solve the problem. Here are a few measures that teachers can take to experience hassle-free teaching.

● Teachers are advised to upskill through various online programs like SuperTeacher Academy. They can also be a part of online teacher communities for networking.

● Establishing digital presence will help overcome student enrolment and geographical limitations. Platforms like SuperTeacher can help teachers build digital presence and ace new-age teaching tools.

● These online platforms also provide ready-to-access content that is easily available. This also makes sharing learning materials extremely easy for students and teachers, both.

● Normally, online tutors rely on traditional methods to track student attendance. But online teaching platforms have simplified the attendance process with an automated attendance system. Individual attendance can be tracked and analyzed with smart tools.

● Teachers can now build and boost their individual presence. Personal branding is now easy with online teaching platforms like SuperTeacher. It takes care of online marketing, digital presence, administrative needs and more through a unified dashboard.

The presence of several online teaching apps have provided a respite for teachers who are keen on establishing their digital presence. With the judicious use of these platforms, teachers can overcome daily obstacles. This in turn will ensure a smooth teaching process and a well-established teaching business.