Average price comparison for student accommodation across UK cities (Attributed to Sayantan Biswas, Co-Founder, UniAcco (An extended arm of UniScholars)


Today Express News | Ajay Varma | 30 November, 2023 | The United Kingdom consistently ranks as a top destination for international students seeking a world-class education. In 2023, the UK witnessed an unprecedented surge in its international student population, hitting a record high mark of over half a million students. This remarkable increase, a 23.7% jump from the previous year, underscores the country’s growing global appeal. Notably, this surge includes approximately 300,000 Indian students who are expected to enroll in UK universities, highlighting the strengthening relationship between the UK and India. The UK’s commitment to nurturing this bond is evident through initiatives like providing 75 fully funded scholarships exclusively for Indian students.

Given the increasing number of international students, finding suitable accommodation is vital for a fulfilling study abroad experience. In this article, we will explore the various accommodation options for students and offer insights into average housing costs in different UK cities.
Student accommodations in the UK: On-campus vs. off-campus
When it comes to student housing in the UK, two primary options exist: on-campus and off-campus accommodation. On-campus housing, typically provided by universities, is often the preferred choice for incoming first-year students. These on-campus options provide several benefits, such as convenience, proximity to campus resources, and a supportive community tailored to the needs of new students.
In contrast, off-campus housing comprises privately owned properties situated beyond the university campus. These options include shared houses, apartments, and purpose-built student accommodations (PBSAs). Many students, especially those in their second year and beyond, choose off-campus housing to attain increased autonomy and flexibility in their living arrangements.
Understanding the influential factors of student housing prices
Several factors can influence the cost of student housing in the UK, including:
1. Primary location: The key determinant significantly impacting student housing costs is its location. Properties in major cities or near city centers generally demand higher prices compared to those in suburban or rural areas.

2. Room type: Your choice of room type significantly affects housing costs. Whether you choose a single room, shared room, or en-suite directly influences the total expense.
3. Facilities and amenities: Facilities and amenities within accommodation significantly impact its price. Housing with extras such as gym access, study rooms, and communal spaces may come at a premium.

4. Demand and supply: The interplay between supply and demand in a city or region can significantly affect rental costs. Cities facing high demand for student accommodation alongside limited supply often witness increased rental prices.
Navigating the financial realities of UK student housing

The student housing market in the United Kingdom has experienced significant growth over the years, resulting in a corresponding increase in rental prices. Let’s explore a comprehensive overview of monthly rental rates for student housing in some of the UK’s major cities.

Monthly Rental Rates in Key UK Cities
London: £1,100 – £1,300 per month
Value in INR (114000 to 135000 Approx)
Manchester: £860 – £1,100 per month
Value in INR (89000 to 114000 Approx)
Brighton: £838 – £1,300 per month
Value in INR (87000 to 135000 Approx)
Birmingham: £700 – £1,200 per month
Value in INR (73000 to 124300 Approx)
The Bottom Line is..
The cost of student accommodation in the UK exhibits substantial variation, primarily influenced by factors like location, room type, amenities, and the interplay of supply and demand. Whether you opt for the convenience of on-campus living or the autonomy of off-campus arrangements, the UK provides a rich spectrum of choices tailored to meet the distinct requirements of international students. Ultimately, your selection of accommodation should harmonize seamlessly with your individual preferences and financial considerations, ensuring that your study abroad journey in the UK is marked by both comfort and cherished memories.