Mediconation: A Solution for MBBS Abroad Studies


Today Express News / Report / Ajay Verma / New Delhi, 13th April 2020: Practising medicine is among the most popular and reputed professions all over the world. Most Indian parents encourage their children to get into the medical profession. Medical profession is one of the evergreen career paths which never lost their charm among students. Every year approx 16 lac young talented students appear for NEET to fulfil their ambition of being doctor but due to limited opportunity and very tough competition only a few students get success in securing an MBBS seat in India.

Apart from limited medical seats, the high tuition fee of private medical colleges every year force many students to give up on their dreams. To save these young dreams of Indian medical aspirants, Mediconation, India’s leading education consultancy is guiding students to get global opportunities to study MBBS. Team Mediconation is spreading awareness among students regarding pursuing MBBS abroad and connecting them with top medical universities around the globe. There are many popular myths regarding MBBS abroad which often discourage guardians and students to opt for MBBS abroad. Team Mediconation is working to provide real information and authentic details about countries and universities. People have a general perception that studying MBBS abroad must be a costly affair which is not true. Studying MBBS abroad is 3 to 5 times cheaper than Indian private medical colleges.

Indian medical aspirants who decide to pursue MBBS abroad often get misguided by false information about the country or university. Most of the students do not know the criteria to choose the right medical university and admission procedure. The entire team of Mediconation is working to provide the one-stop solution for MBBS abroad for Indian aspirants. We have got all things covered for our students, a Mediconation guide and assists students from choosing the right foreign medical university to complete the admission procedure. It provides complete pre-admission assistance (including university selection, visa assistance, travelling assistance, document verification, financial assistance etc.) and post-admission assistance for the complete duration of course.

Geeta Jain, Founder of Mediconation said, “Today most of the medical aspirants are going Abroad for studies and it’s good because you can’t get such great opportunities and facilities at such low prices. And now after the provision of NEXT there’s absolutely no difference whether you are studying MBBS from abroad or India, every student has to qualify NEXT. Other countries are developed so the chances are high for a student to have ample job offers. We here at Mediconation helps parents and students to get admission in best foreign medical universities in countries like Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Nepal, and many other countries. Choosing the right country and university to pursue MBBS abroad is a crucial decision for students, so I highly recommend that they should take it wisely and with expert guidance.

About Mediconation   

Mediconation is a top-notch medical education consultancy with a Pan-India presence. They started with two members who invested their heart and soul in their work and kept the foundation stone of the Mediconation at Vijay Nagar in North Delhi. Within two years their family grew from 2 to 50 employees. The passion of the founder to help Indian students to get into good foreign medical universities, growing with every passing year. They themselves travelled around 20 countries along with their research and analysis team to visit foreign medical universities, their culture, food & living style etc on the behalf of Indian students. They believe in growing like the banyan tree in which every branch is a symbol of its strength. Over the years they have recruited one of the finest brains in the education consultancy industry.