The Center of Healing helping individuals to cope with stress in Covid-19

Rani Sharma, Spiritual Healer and Trainer at The Center of Healing

Today Express News / Ajay Verma / New Delhi, June 2020: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the whole world is going through an immense amount of stress. The virus is known to spread rapidly and cause damage to the respiratory system of the human body. People have lost lives and there’s turmoil in everyday life. Emotions such as stress and anxiety are understandable reactions to these unprecedented situations which lead to a higher level of stress and anxiety. As the news keeps coming, new information can be daunting and frightening. People may face anxiety and stress due to a lot of issues like they may be concerned about getting sick, or overthink about how long will the pandemic last and what the future will bring. As the days go by, the stress can add up and affect you both physically and mentally.

As per data collated from counseling agencies, stress and panic attacks have been increased by 35 to 40 percent since April. It is very important to cope up with stress in the right way in order to get through COVID-19. Many of the approaches that can work during COVID-19 are the same ones that work in other situations. Stress can weaken you; rob you of your energy, your confidence and your joy. A few surefire ways of managing stress around the outbreak and keeping ourselves in a positive frame of mind are exercising regularly, taking a break, connecting with others, maintaining a healthy diet, practicing good hygiene, finding ways to express yourself, getting organized and to entertain yourself. Simple measures like these will help bring a sense of normalcy and help you cope with a changing environment. Strive to keep those around you calm and focused, particularly the children. If you cannot manage your anxiety on your own, reach a counselor through phone or email. Make sure you don’t give in to panic and stress because it will in the long run compromise your immunity.

Rani Sharma, Spiritual Healer and Trainer at The Center of Healing said, “While keeping informed about current events is important, too much attention can cause problems, therefore, it is important to set boundaries that can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by this pandemic. We know that you are not defined by your stress and want to regain your life of happiness, so it is important to take good care of your mental health. With the right help you can find the strength to embrace hope again, and revitalize your enthusiasm and capacity for a life fully lived. Your whole person treatment approach addresses the whole you – your emotional, physical, psychological, nutritional, fitness and spiritual factors to achieve complete healing and recovery.”

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