Natya Tarangani celebrates 42nd Anniversary

TODAY EXPRESS NEWS ( AJAY VERMA )  Natya Tarangini – Performing Arts Centre was established by the legendary dancing duo Drs. Raja-Radha Reddy and Kuchipudi Exponent Kaushalya Reddy. It is a World Class Institute set up in the heart of Capital city of India nurturing the future generation by teaching them Kuchipudi Dance, Hindustani and Carnatic Vocal.  Natya is combination of dance, music and drama and Kuchipudi dance is combination of theatre  and dance. Tarangini means ‘Waves’. Hence, the institute was named as Natya Tarangini since they wanted to spread waves of Natyam throughout the Universe. It was started with an idea to popularize Kuchipudi style of classical dance. Natya Tarangini’s aim is to enlighten the general public on the importance of Dance and Music in the society. The Institute is devoted to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of our nation.

The Dance performance – Natya Tarangini’s 42nd Anniversary celebration, being organized at “RajaRadha Rangmanch” will see students of Natya Tarangini ranging from 5 to 40 years showcasing Kuchipudi Dance and Hindustani vocal music. The choreography for the event is done by none other than very own Gurus – Raja Radha Reddy. 

April 29 has been designated as ‘World Dance Day’ by the UN. Natya Tarangini, is commemorating this day by organising a Dance prformance with a small art exhibition. The Dance performance will be displaying the Nritta- dance without any meaning ie the beauty of technique, Nritya-combination of pure dance, mind and expression and Natya- Indian Mythological stories told in the form of Kuchipudi Natyam at our in-house Amphitheatre respectively. This dance recital will also be a tribute to the legendary gurus by their students – shishya.

On the occasion Guru Raja Reddy said,”Naatyam tannaatakam Chaiva, poojayam poorvakatha yotham means the Gurus’ wish is to dedicate and propagate  the greatness of Natyam for which Bharat (India) is known all over the world as ‘Praachisudha’ [Nectar of the East]”

The dance recital will be followed by a small art exhibition with masterpieces of renowned artists. The exhibition will be displayed at ‘NANDJEET KHEMKA ART GALLERY’. Eminent painters like Niren SenGupta, Asit Kumar Patnaik, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Lakxman Aelay,Shridhar Iyer, Sudip Roy, Seema Kohli, Sangeeta Gupta and Ranjeeta Kant, Alka raghvanshi​ and Jason Ranjit will be participating.


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