Asia’s biggest gummy brand Power Gummies expands its portfolio with Blessful Sleep Gummies


Today Express News| Ajay Varma | New Delhi July 14, 2022: Power Gummies, India’s biggest gummy brand, has announced its portfolio expansion with the launch of Blessful Sleep Gummies. A vegetarian & non-addictive supplement is made from the goodness of natural ingredients and melatonin that harmonises the sleep-wake cycle and circadian rhythm. It also contains Vitamin B6 for producing happy hormones and strengthening the brain and nervous system. Lastly, Passiflora Extract calms the nervous system to induce restful beauty sleep, protects skin cells and delays ageing.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, people often end up with sleep deprivation due to stress, leading to many other diseases and disorders. Power Gummies’ Sleep Gummies will help people across age groups improve their sleep time by reducing stress and relaxing the mind. It will help with sound sleep, skin repair & achieve ultimate beauty sleep goals. They do not contain any kind of dairy, animal products, gluten allergens or hormones.

Regarding the launch, Divij Bajaj, CEO & Founder, Power Gummies, said, “The concept of gummies is to make nutrient intake a fun and pleasurable activity, and not something people dread. After the success of our last three products, our sleep gummies will provide people with the sleep they deserve. Nowadays, with jobs, stress and hectic lifestyle, people hardly get the sleep their body needs. Our sleep gummies will help them with the same, which will prevent many other diseases and disorders. We are looking forward to the customer response towards our new product launch.”

Established in 2018, Power Gummies has three other products in its portfolio – Gorgeous Hair & Nails, Beach Body (Weight Management) and That Time of the month (PMS & PCOS Health Gummies). Apart from building a 20-product strong portfolio, Power Gummies will also venture into kids’ gummies. The gummies are clinically-tested and certified by FSSAI for quality and safety.