Happy Birthday Masaba Gupta! Counting the designer-turned-actor’s vibrant shades


Today Express News / Report Ajay verma / Masaba Gupta turns 33 today and she takes to celebrate it while conquering the world. Calling it a working Birthday, the designer-turned-actor is certainly making all her years of sheer hard work count.

Until a few years, we knew her as the groundbreaking designer whose art spoke for her, but her canvas reflects an altogether different story today. The unstoppable Masaba (as we like to call her) shifted from her usual route and dared to explore a path quite unknown to her with Netflix’s ‘Masaba Masaba‘. ‘More difficult to play real-life roles’ as she quoted first, she nailed her performance alongside her mother, the impeccable Neena Gupta with pure authenticity and shut every criticism. Starring in more unique projects like Dhruv Sehgal’s directorial ‘I Love Thane’, Pritish Nandy Communications’ ‘Modern Love Mumbai’ and the recently successful ‘Masaba Masaba 2’, the youth icon has become an OTT star and it’s just a start to her acting career.

Being more in her power, she launched a beauty brand in August this year, named ‘LoveChild’. Raw, real and ravishing is what Masaba’s aesthetic beauty and wellness brand encompass. Conforming to no single gender but diversity, LoveChild speaks of shades for the self-lover. ‘House of Masaba’ is another shade of Masaba’s versatility that speaks of boundless fashion and beauty. The clothing brand has become one of the most prominent labels in celebration wears.

After giving her fans the best of all the worlds, the stunner is now ready to launch her own podcast, and going by her opinionated and fierce persona, this is going to be one no-filter, to-the-point conversation. Can’t wait!

Amid all the success and upcoming projects, Masaba chooses to celebrate her birthday while working on her exciting endeavours. She is certainly determined to conquer every domain she puts a finger on and only time will tell what she has in store for us.

Here’s wishing the only Masaba Gupta a very Happy Birthday!