Travelling abroad for studies and admission after Covid-19 recommended by Gopalan Anish Acharya


Today Express News / Report / Ajay Verma / New Delhi, 17th April 2020: Coronavirus is ruling everything, from economy to education everything is shuddering. Many students have planned to study abroad this year but now it’s been on stake due to this global pandemic of Coronavirus. There’s a complete lockdown in India and other countries, due to this various countries have cancelled the classes and visa of the foreign exchange students keeping covid19 situation in mind. Many countries have already restricted entry at their borders, and only nationals and permanent residents are allowed to come to India unless there are important reasons. This situation will affect foreign students in autumn 2020, but everyone should follow developments closely.

This situation has adversely affected our education system and now students are scared that they’ll ever be able to study abroad or not? Many students have already got admission or are already studying in other countries but are now shifting to online classes and there’s no such certainty of the date when this will be over. Over 20,400 foreign nationals have been evacuated from in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis and bringing back the Indian students from abroad, who are already stuck in other countries right now are safe there and the government of the following countries is taking all the possible actions for the safety of citizens. This lockdown is essential as if this will not be stopped then it might take over the whole country. According to education counsellor Gopalan Anish Acharya, this situation might look very worse right now and they might affect students’ chances to study abroad this year but it’s not like they can’t apply next year. Mr. Gopalan is the leading educational consultant and helps aspirants in studying abroad.

Viewing the situation, the demand of medical aspirants for pursuing medical course will increase in high, as per study whenever the spread of community decreases or increases like in past Bird Flu, Ebola and Swine Flu. It has been observed that the choice of the medical stream has increased among the prosperous students which increases the demand resulting in the fee and cost of management and self-aided seats in the medical stream will go in its peak which will proportionally increase the students willing to study abroad. Experts predict that after the downfall in demand of countries like China, Ukraine, Philippines and new amendments of border rules of Georgia will increase the market of other countries like less affected Covid-19 like Armenia zero mortality will be the first preference for Indian students and clever students will secure their admission in prior.

Gopalan Anish Acharya, CEO of Medveda Educare Pvt Ltd said, “This situation is very serious in every country and there’s a complete shutdown down everything. All the schools and colleges are not into action including our country and this will take a long time to get normal. Students who are applying for this year studying abroad are not a good option because the Indian government will not permit them to travel abroad until this situation subsides. Students should delay their plans but shouldn’t cancel them because after this all will be over, they will all be in action like previously. There’s no such announcement made by the government on the suspension of foreign studies. I know right now it looks like a nightmare but after this, all be over there’ll be no problems about studying in any country.”

About Gopalan Anish Acharya

Gopalan Anish Acharya, CEO of MedvedaEducare Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading and best educational consultants. He did a computer course from Burbank USA that makes him help aspirants in studying from India to abroad. He provides medical seats in countries like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, GEORGIA , ARMENIA and Kazakhstan. Mr. Anish Acharya has represented India in front of more than 250 Institutions all over the world and has also collaborated with Authorities of Seandinavian Aviation Academy and have also workshops in the U.S.A. He had also worked with Tracy Smith, a Senior Avid certified Instructor in Video Symphony and with International Co-coordinator of ACMT, CA.