Zara Zara girl Dhrriti Saharan wins hearts with her cover song


Today Express News | Ajay verma | Dhrriti Saharan has given a great spin to our favourite RHTDM song Zara Zara. An instant hit, the song won millions of views on YouTube & even on all major Audio Streaming Platforms.

A Singer and an Award Winning Actress, Dhrriti Saharan looks stunning in the video as she perfectly hits the highs and lows of the song. The contemporary style and elegance of the video will leave you wanting for more. Adding the right amount of sensuousness and subtlety to the song, Dhrriti has given Zara Zara a whole new vibe.

Talking about the song, Dhrriti says, “Recording the cover of Zara Zara has always been a dream and this dream has now come through. It is very difficult to add something new to a song that the people already love so much. It has been a real challenge but I love challenges. All this has only been possible because of the tireless work and support of my fabulous Team and I take this moment to thank them. Seeing the overwhelming response that the song has received fills up my heart.”

The amazing coordination of perfect dance moves and the overall aura of the song stirs up the same emotions as the original one. The soothing feels of the song will turn the hardest of the hearts into a true romantic. We just love this new version of the classic Zara Zara, don’t you too?