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TODAY EXPRESS NEWS : This is for your kind information that IMA TEAM, Faridabad visited commissioner of Police, Mr Amitabh Dhillon Sir At sector 21 today. Memorandum was handed over and he was apprised of what happened at Pushpanjali Hospital ,Rewari on 16th October,18.We requested him to be more supportive for safety at clinics/hospitals. Commissioner of Police, Mr Amitabh Dhillon gave certain instructions:- -To file complaint against extortionists at very first incidence of calls by such miscreants.  -To have very good quality CCTVs with proper coverage with cameras facing outside the hospital too. -To keep important numbers like local SHOs and DCPs to call them immediately at the onset of crime. – Some important contact Numbers will be updated soon in all distress groups. -Not to resist against these criminals whether you are un-armed or armed.   Please follow above instructions for a safe working environment.

( IMA TEAM, Faridabad )

1.Dr Punita Hasija

2.Dr Shipra Gupta Hon Secretary IMA Faridabad

3.Dr Suresh Arora imm Past President IMA Faridabad

4.Dr Ajay Kapoor sr vice president IMA Faridabad

5.Dr Anita Lalit vice President IMA Faridabad

6. Dr Subash Lalit Member IMA Faridabad

7. Dr Lalit Hasija Member IMA Faridabad

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