A Real Estate firm SuGanta.com is a self-funded company of 50 lakhs by FareHawker.com


New Delhi, May 2020: Owning a house is a basic necessity for everyone these days, we keep on searching for a better place to live in order to improve our standards of living. It is a very tedious job to look for properties for renting, selling and buying as there are various things which matter like a good price, a good location, security and also access to the very basic facilities.

After looking at all these problems which people face when looking for a property whether it would be an apartment or an office an e-commerce website Suganta.com could help find the appropriate one. SuGanta was established to simplify the real estate searching and buying process for the customers without any fake listings on the site. It is a unique property search platform which has been created to efficiently fill the gaps and is supported by the best investors. Suganta.com offers a wide array of properties such as flats, apartments, houses, villas and penthouses to name a few which can easily be searched for with the aid of enough number of sections and sub-categories.

Shiv D Gadekar, Founder of SuGanta.com said; “Before starting any business we always need to do research work at a big level, we generated an idea and then with the help of the research team we found out that customers really have a big problem while they look for properties. As real estate includes a big level of investment the customers are very careful before taking any decisions, not only this but there are also many other things which are involved when it comes to buying, selling and renting of properties. Keeping in mind we thought of establishing an ecommerce website which provides our customers everything related to properties in one platter. We had an exhaustive experience in the field of real estate which helped us understand the market very clearly and the range of services we provide have helped us benefit all sorts of clients.”

About SuGanta.com

SuGanta.com (SuGanta Realty Services LLP) is a platform from the founder of FareHawker.Com.

Fare Hawker is a leading airline group booking platform for multiple airlines that has changed the experience of the flight group ticket booking process in India.

SuGanta.com gives a route to the sellers to use maximum number of options and reach the correct buyers,it brings agents and private sellers at one place which makes this site a must visit place for the person who is interested in dealing with any sort of property. It assured that the customers are given an environment where they can make right decisions in terms of real estate.