Actor/Producer Roshni Kapoor creates a huge uproar for her debut movie The RAGE – Over Injustice and bags the Aarvee entertainment award for the movie in support of the LGBT community and women empowerment

the rage

Today Express News | Report Ajay Verma |Roshni Kapoor is basking on the glory that is coming her way with her debut The Rage – Over Injustice. Her movie has made a mark and she has been receiving all the accolades for her performance. Roshni has been on a roll with her work and that is taking her places. She has a huge fan following on social media and that definitely aids in the projects that she does.

She has recently bagged the Aarvee Entertainment award for the movie in support of the LGBT community and women empowerment. She received it from the voice of Pushpa in Hindi, Shreyas Talpade. There are only words of praise for this powerhouse of a performer and she has a long way to go and she is firmly at it.
We spoke to Roshni on winning the award and here is what she says, “It’s been an auspicious time for me. You will encounter several obstacles on your way to success; standing strong till the last moment is the definition of success. For me, Winning this award is a big thing as this movie conveys a strong message to society and moreover, it is a tribute to my mother, and getting it from Shreyas Talpade was the icing on the cake. Our entire team has been through a tough time and hopefully, that’s behind us. I am glad to be debuting with The Rage – Over injustice which is very close to my heart. People have taken note and it has unruffled a few feathers. A huge shoutout and love to my team and all my fans. Your love is everything I strive for.”
That movie stood out and it was hugely performance-oriented. Roshni was widely applauded & currently She is tied up with few ad shoots and upcoming song project. Best wishes to her as she progresses from one stage in life to another.